Rob and Carolyn Kelowna BC
Compass west contracting…

Our bathroom needed a serious update. Compass came through for us by providing professional, knowledgeable and creative services to get the job done. My outdated bathroom was transformed into a stylish, functional space. our new favorite space in our home. Thank you.

Ken Lowe and Karen Donham Calgary, AB

Charles has done 2 large renovations on our 100 year old home in Calgary.  We hope he can be available for the third renovation we are currently planning.  The work included demolition of the old walls back to studs, removal of old doors and casings, as well as flooring.   Charles found several places where the framing had to be repaired or replaced, twice with engineered beams.  He was able to rectify floors that had sagged over the century, and true up doors that had never closed properly.   The sub-contractors that Charles brought in were very good, and he made it easy to work with them even with some last minute requests.

He suggested ways to make more of the space we had in the house. Our bedroom ceiling was vaulted to make the room more spacious, and our cramped bathroom was turned into a home spa.  He installed creative tiling on the walls and floors of the bathroom to accommodate handmade tiles we had been hoarding just for this purpose.  The casings for the doors and windows were all custom made.  We now have a warm, quiet house, thanks to lots of insulation and properly installed hardwood on a sound subfloor.

Charles works in a consultative, collaborative fashion.  We were kept up to date with the day to day progress, including problems that cropped up, and how these would be solved.  We felt involved with all aspects of the renovations and we are very happy with the results.

We believe that anyone hiring Charles for their construction or renovation projects will also be happy with the finished product.  Charles is a competent and caring craftsman.